About The Mueller Foundation

The Mueller Foundation is 501(c)(3) charitable entity voluntarily formed by Catellus, the master developer of the Mueller Airport Redevelopment.

The Mueller redevelopment project is uniquely rooted in the efforts of committed citizens and neighbors who have for nearly 25 years envisioned a thriving mixed-use urban village at the site of Austin’s former airport. This community vision led to the crafting of key goals for Mueller, which in turn guided the development of the award-winning Mueller master plan. Catellus, as Mueller’s master developer, has committed in its partnership with the City of Austin and its citizens to ensure this redevelopment of a major city asset produces benefits for the entire community and serves as a model for the region and nation.

Minimum requirements of the Mueller project in areas like affordable housing, Green Building, and small and minority business diversity are incorporated into the Master Development Agreement between the City and Catellus. The Mueller Foundation supports efforts that go beyond the agreement — innovative approaches that produce social and community benefits for more people, in more areas of endeavor, and at higher levels of performance.

Form 990

Please note: Line 20 includes non-liquid assets tied to affordable homes. These are “second-liens” the Foundation holds on each home, representing the difference between the affordable sales price and the market sales price. The total for second-liens at the end of 2016 was $26,316,251.00


2016-2017 Audit Results



value captured to ensure home affordability


affordable homes sold


working individuals and families served